About Tammy And The Council

My journey began in my early 20’s when I had taught myself to meditate and through that nightly practice eventually came to meet and work with my Spirit Guides. I focused on developing my intuitive abilities and became a sought after intuitive reader in psychic fairs and expos throughout Western Canada. Eventually my ability evolved into Mediumship (Indirect Channeling) and I became a professional Medium for people wanting to connect with loved ones who had passed ¬†away.

I began Directly Channeling the angels of “The Council” around 10 years ago. Their wisdom, expanded perception and understanding, and unconditional love is profound and they invite each of us to step into and be all that we are from our hearts and truths. They have upset some old school customers who want an angel to tell them their answer… The Council is all about reminding you that You are the Creator of your life and to turn inwards to your own truth for your answers. Their wisdom and love have captivated people worldwide and I now assist people from all over the USA, Canada, and Europe.

I believe EVERYONE has their own unique angelic council that is a combination of their own guides, angels, and angelic family. This is why I encourage others to connect to and learn to communicate with their own councils as it is a valuable source of wisdom, unconditional love, and guidance.


I wasn’t sure if I could learn to channel through a Skype session but living where I do my choices were limited so I decided to try it. I took the risk and It worked amazingly well. It’s clear, spirit doesn’t have limits! Thank you sooo much Tammy. I am grateful for your support and willingness to use technology otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to find my sacred spiritual circle. ~Jessie, NWT

I did my first paying channel session today. My client felt it was authentic and there was no way the words were coming from me. She has told her friend and I already have another channelling session booked. These are the first steps in the development of my channelling business! I’m excited!!! ~ Norman, Alberta

The relief and happiness knowing that all is well with my Father has taken a large stress off my chest. I cannot tell you enough in words to express my relief. I feel my dad with me in my truck, we talk all the way to work. I know it was real. My dad is having a great time. For me that has taken a great burden off my shoulders. THANK YOU! ~ Len, Alberta

Dear Tammy, Thank you!!! Tears are streaming down my check, but tears of great JOY!!!! Wow, the channeled response to my questions are fantastic, brilliant, wonderful! I AM dancing, cheering, laughing, crying. Thank you! ~ Ingrid, Vienna, Austria

I must say I am impressed by who you are, and what you do. You have much to be proud of and know that you have a positive impact on those blessed to meet with you. Your gifts are many and by sharing them you enrich, empower and enlighten. ~ Micheal, Alberta

I must say I am struck by the depth, clarity, and impact of my session. I feel my reading with The Council gave me more resolution and closure than 6 months of therapy with my psychologist. Thank you for bringing the core issues to light so I can finally be free! Much love. ~ Diane, Ontario

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience. I feel very blessed to have spoken to you and The Council through you. I feel joyful, energized and peaceful all at the same time. ~ Nancy, Arizona

Some of The Council’s core beliefs…

You are each an aspect of God.

You are all simply an aspect of God embodied so that you can experience being alive in the physical realms. To feel a hug or kiss, to taste and eat food, to laugh, to share, to feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Angels experience and understand life from an energetic perspective but only until you’ve lived do you become a Master of the journey.

You are perfect no matter what and you are loved.

There is nothing you can do that is not perfect as all life is, is a beautiful wonderful playground to experience what you choose to create, and then in that moment of experience, explore and decide what you want to create and experience more or less of.

You have lived many, many lives...

The purpose and reason it was decided to create the physical realms was to experience all that you imagined and desired to experience. In that, one lifetime is simply not enough and you live many, many, many lifetimes simply experiencing what you attract and create to you.

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