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About Tammy and The Council

Direct Channeler | Medium | Instructor

In the beginning…

When I was 20 I taught myself to meditate for relaxation and shortly after a sweet dear Spirit Guide wandered into my vision. With no spiritual or religious influence I didn’t believe or understand what was happening and that began a 17 year nightly meditative practice, conversation, and journey.

My nightly practice awakened my natural intuitive abilities and I became a sought after intuitive reader in psychic fairs and expos (Body Soul & Spirit Expo). Eventually my ability evolved into Mediumship (Indirect Channeling) and I began work as a professional Medium helping people to connect with loved ones who had passed away.

I began Directly Channeling the angels of “The Council” around 2005. It was a slow and gentle reunion, revealing to me we had been family for lifetimes and it was them who comforted me whenever I was upset as a child. The Council explained that everyone has their own angelic family and “council” per say, and that I am the one in their specific collective consciousness “Council” who chose to embody.

Working with the angels of The Council…

The Council understand us as the unconditional, wise, and aware angels we are far beneath the layers of human programming that weigh us down and cause us to forget our truth.Their wisdom, expanded perception and unconditional love pushed us to reexamine what we believe to be true and important about ourselves and in life. They invite (and sometimes push) each of us to step into and be all that we are from our hearts and truths. Together The Council’s goal is to inspire and educate you about your spiritual journey so that you can live your grandest expression and live. Some of their core fundamental beliefs are:

  • You are never alone,
  • You are loved,
  • You are a more a spiritual being than human…an angel who just happens to be embodied at this time,
  • You are an embodied part of God, Oneness, Source, etc. (whichever “God” you believe in),
  • No other angel or Archangel is more divine, knows more, or is “more worthy” than you, and
  • When you return to remembering, loving, trusting, and your I AMness, you unlock your amazing potential.

As word spreads…

The wisdom and love of The Council has captivated people worldwide and I now work with and present to people from all over the USA, Canada, and Europe. We are guests of a variety of spiritual radio programs (Awake 2 Oneness, Purpose for Women International) and events as we continue to share and inspire others about their own spiritual identity and awareness.

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