The Council

Opinionated | Witty | Loving

The Council is a collective of consciousness. They do not like to be referred to as “angels” as they find that label very limiting and misunderstood but respect it is the easiest way for humans to relate. Tammy, a member of this collective, is the only one who is embodied at this time and is the Direct Channel and representative of the group.

Together The Council’s goal is to inspire and educate you about your spiritual journey so that you can live your grandest expression and live. Some of their core fundamental beliefs are:

  • You are never alone,
  • You are loved,
  • You are a more a spiritual being than human…an angel who just happens to be embodied at this time,
  • You are an embodied part of God, Oneness, Source, etc. (whichever “God” you believe in),
  • No other angel or Archangel is more divine, knows more, or is “more worthy” than you, and
  • When you return to remembering, loving, trusting, and your I AMness, you unlock your amazing potential.

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