“You are each an aspect of God simply experiencing life in the physical.” 

“You are perfect no matter what and you are loved.”

“You have lived many, many lifetimes…simply enjoying the experience of being alive embodied.”

“You have no spiritual or grand purpose that you need to achieve, accomplish, or live up to.”

About The Council and my role with them

Whenever I had a difficult time throughout my childhood and life I would on random evenings have a very calming and peaceful dream of a group of angels. In my dream I would see them as if I was standing before a semi-circle of benches like a Supreme Court of Judges. These beaming, radiating, white forms (I never could make out faces) wouldn’t say anything but I would be calmed but the utter non-verbal communication of unconditional safety, love, compassion, and family. Then about a year after I began direct channeling The Council, I was having a particularly hard time in my life and I had the same dream of coming before my wonderful loving group of angels (which I now knew where The Council all along) except this time, I was sitting on the semi-circle benches along side the white angels I always saw…not standing on the floor before them! It was in that moment The Council revealed that I am actually one of them…simply the only one that chose to be embodied.

This actually explained much of my experience when I first began channeling them over 10 years ago as they way they related to me was as if 1) they had known me for many, many lifetimes (which at the time, I did not know), and 2) very blunt and harsh because having never been incarnated they didn’t understand the veil of forgetting when you are born and where at times very frustrated that I didn’t remember my “godliness”, ability to manifest instantly, and that all of humanity is one and not separate at all.

The Council is truly difficult to put into words as they are more an experience of being in Consciousness and energy. Beyond being able to sum up in a paragraph, I thought I will share some of their basic fundamental beliefs which hopefully will give you a sense of their grace, compassion, and love for us on our human journeys as the amazing spiritual angels we are.

Also of note: I have heard of others channelers channeling  “the council” as well, but this Council, the one that you find here on these pages, is specifically my angelic group and family whom have been clear they only speak through me.

You are each an aspect of God.

You are all simply an aspect of God embodied so that you can experience being alive in the physical realms. To feel a hug or kiss, to taste and eat food, to laugh, to share, to feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Angels experience and understand life from an energetic perspective but only until you’ve lived do you become a Master of the journey.

You are perfect no matter what and you are loved.

There is nothing you can do that is not perfect as all life is, is a beautiful wonderful playground to experience what you choose to create, and then in that moment of experience, explore and decide what you want to create and experience more or less of.

You have lived many, many lives...

The purpose and reason it was decided to create the physical realms was to experience all that you imagined and desired to experience. In that, one lifetime is simply not enough and you live many, many, many lifetimes simply experiencing what you attract and create to you.

You have no "purpose" other than to simply be you.

You have no spiritual or grand purpose that you need to achieve, accomplish, or live up to. The Council is very clear that the concept of a “purpose” is very much a human concept and nothing that is in anyway imposed upon people from the higher angelic realms. You see, to say that you have a purpose, goal, mission….actually implies that you could fail. And you can’t. You are unconditionally loved and any concept of having something you must do is simply not true from the higher angelic realms. You are loved unconditionally no matter what you do or not do. Those hoops for you to jump through are purely made by humans continuing to play their games of dangling carrots and hoops you need to jump through to be worthy. Higher angels simply don’t do that.

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