5 Easy Steps to Using Intuition

Tammy’s first ebook is the perfect introduction to anyone wanting to understand and develop their intuition. Full of exercises, examples, and first person accounts from years of working as a professional Medium.

 53 page eBook – $9.99

Walking Release Meditation

In this recording, I share a simple meditation exercise that is a variation from homework The Council channeled years ago. Simple, effective, and very adaptable, I’m sure you will find this the perfect key to release any stuck frustrations, thoughts, or emotions.
Mp3 – $7.99

Your Soul & Life Purpose Program

Created by the angels of The Council, this course brings you back to understanding and reuniting with your soul passion and purpose in this life. Featuring channeled discussions on “purpose” and exercises created by The Council and facilitated by Tammy, this course gets you back to your truth and living in alignment with your soul and passion.
Online Program – 10 modules (video, audio, PDF downloads)

Channeled Message - Debris or Lighthouse

The Council discusses the choice we have whenever in a time of crisis.


The Walking Release Meditation is a simple and effective way to let go of the bad emotions or energy. I think its secret is it’s simplicity. Anyone can do it!

~Jose, AB

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