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I must say I am struck by the depth, clarity, and impact of my session. I feel The Council gave me more resolution and closure than 6 months of therapy with my psychologist. Thank you for bringing the core issues to light so I can finally be free! Much love.

~ Diane, Ontario

I wasn’t sure if I could learn to channel through a Skype session but living where I do my choices were limited so I decided to try it. I took the risk and It worked amazingly well. It’s clear, spirit doesn’t have limits! Thank you sooo much Tammy. I am grateful for your support and willingness to use technology otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to find my sacred spiritual circle.

~Jessie, NWT

I must say I am impressed by who you are, and what you do. You have much to be proud of and know that you have a positive impact on those blessed to meet with you. Your gifts are many and by sharing them you enrich, empower and enlighten.

~ Micheal, Alberta

Dear Tammy, Thank you!!! Tears are streaming down my check, but tears of great JOY!!!! Wow, the channeled response to my questions are fantastic, brilliant, wonderful! I AM dancing, cheering, laughing, crying. Thank you!

~ Ingrid, Vienna, Austria

The relief and happiness knowing that all is well with my Father who has passed has taken a large stress off my chest. I cannot tell you enough in words to express my relief. I feel my dad with me in my truck, we talk all the way to work. I know it was real. My dad is having a great time. For me that has taken a great burden off my shoulders. THANK YOU!

~ Len, Alberta

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience. I feel very blessed to have spoken to you and The Council through you. I feel joyful, energized and peaceful all at the same time.

~ Nancy, Arizona

Because of your channeling workshop, I did my first paying channel session today. My client felt it was authentic and there was no way the words were coming from me. She has told her friend and I already have another channelling session booked. These are the first steps in the development of my channelling business! I’m excited!!!

~ Norman, Alberta

Tammy channelled The Council for me. We had a few sessions and every one of them was very helpful and I got clear messages, suggestions and reinforcements. Our talks helped me a great deal on my journey. I am very grateful for your help!

~ Tara, Hungary

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