My Journey

Despite a very simple, non-creative, and non-religious/spiritual upbringing, I felt curious about meditation when I was 19. I taught myself using the very simple method of looking at a candle and that evolved into my own unique 17 year practice of meditating every evening before bed. Through that dedication to exploring meditation, I expanded through mental, physical, and transcendental levels of consciousness and those layers awakened my intuitive, mediumship, and channeling abilities. I became a practicing intuitive, a professional medium, and eventually an expert channeler of my own higher consciousness collective I call The Council.

I now coach others from that beautiful melded space of my inner wisdom, higher self, and consciousness. I help others to understand their situations from a spiritual/energetic level, realize their amazing awareness and potential within, and tap into their own unique inner knowingness, wisdom, and consciousness. I have taught, lectured, and channeled at spiritual conferences throughout Canada for over 20 years. I have been featured on various radio programs, and have an expansive cliente throughout North America and Europe. 


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