My Journey

From simple non-religious and non-spiritual beginnings, my calling lead me to teach myself to meditate when I was 19. Through a 17 year practice of meditating every night, I expanded through mental, physical, and transcendental levels of consciousness and became a practicing intuitive, a professional medium, and eventually the Direct Channeler of The Council. The Council is a consciousness collective who teach others about the spiritual journey to enlightenment, and being the living expression of your own spiritual wisdom and Beingness.  

Very much a pioneer of consciousness, I invite people to embody their own natural Beingness rather than rely on old pagan or new age systems. That is so 500 lifetimes ago! Yes, those were all wonderful paths to one’s knowingness (and yes, I understand you are attached to them…you probably helped to create those systems in past lives) but once you arrive on my doorstep, it is time to begin expressing, radiating, and communicating your abilities without the tools, methods, and gimmicks.

I have taught, lectured, and channeled at spiritual conferences throughout Canada, have been featured on various radio programs, and have an expansive cliente throughout North America and Europe. 

Channeling The Council

I have advised, taught, and worked with people on their spiritual journey for over 20 years. As the human member of the consciousness of The Council, I have been their Direct Channeler for over 10 years. I believe I’ve heard almost every question a human would want to ask angels and I’ve been blessed to facilitate some of the most beautiful and sacred discussions between people and The Council about every topic imaginable. (And yes…someone actually asked The Council what they should name their cat… lol)

Teaching Others To Channel

I also love teaching people to channel…be it their own higher self, their angelic families, or ascended masters that want to work with them, I am an expert at coaching people through the energetic process of opening up and channeling messages. Many of my students go on to become professional readers, mediums, or channelers themselves, and some have used the skills they taught to automatically write books that have been channeled through them. I teach from experience, helping them to avoid the pitfalls and “mistakes” I made as someone who was self taught. But more importantly…as someone who was self taught, I understand all the doubts, insecurities, fears, and misgivings you have about opening up to your natural ability and talent for channeling. WE ALL CHANNEL, it is just a matter of recognizing it, and if you wish, learning how to do it consciously at anytime, anywhere, and without any tools or gimmicks.

Transition Coaching

From over 20 years of working with people who have crossed over and discussion the transition journey with The Council for over 10, I have an expertise on the emotional, energetic, and spiritual journey of transitioning back to the spiritual state. Whether that be working with the families of loved ones who have cross over or people that are in their transition chapter of their life, I can answer the questions we as human have and when I don’t know the answer, I channel and we talk to The Council. I love teaching and coaching people how to connect with and communicate with loved ones who have crossed over so they no longer feel the pain and sadness of losing a loved one.

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