Tammy's Channeling Circles


Want to ask hear the divine answer to your questions at any moment?


Want to channel guidance from your higher self, angels, and angelic families but unsure where to start?


You are in good hands. Join our Channeling Circle. 




“You are the embodiment and a representative of your angelic wisdom and consciousness. Finding your voice to share that truth and wisdom is why you chose to be here.” ~ The Council




You actually already channel naturally in your own way…


Now practice being able to have that beautiful, CONSCIOUS TWO-WAY CONVERSATION anytime, anywhere.




Tammy’s Channeling Circles are a safe and supportive space that allows you to connect, receive, and communicate messages from your higher self, your angels and guides.


Each Circle allows you to PRACTICE CHANNELING MESSAGES UNDER TAMMY’S TUTELAGE and with the support of like-minded people. As a group you will support each other in holding that channeling vibration as you bring forth the messages for you.


And as you practice WE WILL WORK THROUGH THE DOUBTS AND BLOCKS that rise.  



In Edmonton: Check back to discover when the next Channeling Circle is. 


Host a Home Circle:  If you are in the Edmonton area, host your own Channeling Circle and practice with friends in the comfort of your own home.


Online: Coming soon.

I wasn’t sure if I could learn to channel through a Skype session but living where I do my choices were limited so I decided to try it. I took the risk and It worked amazingly well. It’s clear, spirit doesn’t have limits! Thank you sooo much Tammy. I am grateful for your support and willingness to use technology otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to find my sacred spiritual circle.

~Jessie, NWT

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