Want to ask hear the guidance from your higher self and angels but unsure where to start?

Beginner Channeling Circles

In Beginner Channeling Circles Tammy explain how channeling works and takes you through the exercises to get you into your channeling state. Once in your state you will channel messages from your higher self and your angels that work with you. No experience needed. You can participate in Beginner Circles as many times as you wish and there is no pressure to move to the advanced circle.

Advanced Channeling Circles

Once you feel comfortable reaching and holding your channeling state on your own, you are welcome to join our Advanced Circles. Here, Tammy does not guide the group to their channeling state but simply sets the topic for participants to channel the messages that come to them. 

Online Channeling Circles

Online Circles allow you to practice with the group from the comfort of your own home. Once registered, Tammy will email you the custom link to click right before the Circle and the group will show up right in your web browser. You do not need to have your video camera on if you don’t want to.

Host an Online Channeling Circle

Do you have a bunch of friends that would love to try channeling? Host a private Online Channeling Circle. That way, only you and your friends are online and learning directly from Tammy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the circle, it was great to connect with Tammy in a more intimate space and share that space with other participants. She made us all feel welcomed and comfortable, didn’t waffle on to much and got us straight into Channeling. I’d welcome doing more frequent classes.

~Oluwayinka, West Sussex, England

Tammy made me feel welcome and at ease from the get go. I had no experience whatsoever and I felt comfortable experiencing my learning from my level of expertise, whichever it was.

Arturo, Edmonton AB

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