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For Practitioners & Presenters: Offer Something Different!

Host The Council explaining your modality and services

Would you love your clients to realize the full energetic perspective of what your practice, modality, and your services do for them? Host a channel of The Council with your clients and they will share the consciousness and energetic perspective of you, your work, and your modality so your clients realize the real healing, energy, and value you bring beyond just the 3D experience.   


Invite The Council to speak to the impact and energies of your retreat or workshop

Is your retreat the same run of the mill activities? Add something unique and custom that inspires, motivates, and invigorates your attendees. Invite The Council to speak and they will tap into the energies of each participant as they entertain and enlighten them to the deeper consciousness energies that your event holds for them. A truly anchoring experience that will make your event one your attendees will not forget.  


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Want to interview Tammy And The Council? No problem, we’d love to share our perspective with your audience!

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