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The relief and happiness knowing that all is well with my Father who has passed has taken a large stress off my chest. I cannot tell you enough in words to express my relief. I feel my dad with me in my truck, we talk all the way to work. I know it was real. My dad is having a great time. For me that has taken a great burden off my shoulders. THANK YOU!

~ Len, Alberta

Some of our past events and collaborations!

Awake 2 Oneness Radio

Tammy and The Council were featured on Awake 2 Oneness Show and BlogTalk Radio with Caroline Chang.

Purpose for Women International

Tammy and The Council were guests on Purpose For Women International radio program.

Tammy presenting at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Edmonton, 2017

Some questions we’ve answered and conversations we’ve had…

What does The Council think about religion?

Are there more empaths on earth now?

Do angels know our future?


Short answer is no. No angel or person knows your future because your future is shaped and created by you. Now if there is something you have been really pondering, something that you’ve really be focusing on…the energy of that choice is thick and dense in your energy field. (This is you as a creator manifesting energy into experience…activating that energy and then it flows to you and transforms into experiences and moments in your life). Someone who is gifted at interpreting energy into the words and messages it contains can then interpret that energy into experiences and potentials. Then, if you don’t change your mind about that possibility (you are the chooser and creator of it), you may experience that potential and think they “knew your future” but no. They just explained to you a potential they read in your energy.  

Creating and Manifesting from the Mind

How do we create things into our lives?


You do not create things by thinking about them. Thinking is a mental process from the mind. The mind is not the creative centre of who you are. A person’s creative centre is actually their essence, their passion, their beingness. You are most creative when you are in that passionate, inspired, excited moment about something that you are clear, focused but from a joyful, happy, playful place. When you are inspired and clear, excited about what you desire to create, you activate the energies that serve you to begin that process of attracting to you the people, places, moments, things, opportunities…and then suddenly, you run into people that know who to talk to, or you suddenly see that perfect job posting, or you are told you are going to get a big refund you weren’t expecting. You create from passion, excitement, joy…not from mental struggling, focusing, planning. This is one of the biggest blocks people have in attracting and creating things they desire, they do it from the mind which is not where your creativity lies.

Is it wrong to hope to win the lotto?

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to win the lotto. We do not judge money, wealth, or how one acquires it. If you said to us that you wished to win the lotto so you never had to work again we would say “Wonderful! We fully support you!” We don’t have a judgement of money or how you achieve it. We only care that you are happy, enjoying your choices and creations, and living your truth.

We will be honest, wanting to win lotto is a reflection of one’s hopes to not be in their current life. It is tied to the belief that money creates change. And we do agree, money can change one’s life. Large windfalls are simply magnifying glasses of who you are and what your approach to life is. If you create unbalance and drama in your life, winning the lotto will simply create more instability and drama. If you are a calm and happy person, you will create strive to create more calm and happy.

The key is abundance just is. Right now you have an abundance of everything in your life. You desired, attracted, and created it into you life. So the key is what do you wish to attract and create more of? Or less of? Unlimited abundance actually isn’t a “big deal”. It simply is attracting things (like what you already have oxygen, food, people, friends, possessions, opportunities) but just on a larger scale. The more you just realize that and don’t RESIST IT, you will see you have abundance everywhere to just pick and use as you wish.

So yes, we would say happily feel into the energy of winning that lotto. That is a wonderful option of creating opportunities for you to be free. But remember, you already are creating everything into your life. That proves you can attract and create. Wanting to win the lotto is wanting to do what you already do on a larger scale. When you truly realize that, you may discover you don’t need the lotto.”

“Dear Council, I feel very drained and exhausted after being around many people. How do we block these energies from those crowds?”

“Indeed Dear One, the key is not to block energies, but for you to choose the appropriate energy for the environment.

You are walking through the crowd with your energy like a butterfly with wide wings out to the side. Now if we were to put a carnival costume on with large wings, they would end up bent really quick. This this isn’t about changing your energy or you, but perhaps going through the crowd as a lighthouse. You’d come out clear and balanced, still shining brightly. So in crowded situations, maybe not be a butterfly energy but be a lighthouse energy. Both are you. You just choose which to embody in a moment’s notice.

People get stuck in one expression. Only ever being a butterfly, lighthouse, or whatever. Like going out wearing a “nurse’s energy” but your car breaks down and you left your “mechanics energy” in the house. Focus on being you and allow yourself to adapt and embody whichever energy you need in the moment. If you only ever are one expression, you leave other tools of other expressions behind.”

How do people remain in the Afterlife?

One of the main things clients ask The Council about is the afterlife. In my experience and from The Council’s discussions I have learned that people return to whatever state and age they seemed to be the happiest and most content during their life, AND they also can shift their age/physical appearance depending on what they desire in the moment.

No longer trapped by physical or mental perimeters, one day they could appear very young at the peak of their fitness, then the next time they appear older, mature, and wiser depending on the tone and nature of the conversation they were having with you.

I also have connected with people that had very recently passed, and it was clear that they were unaware they could adjust their energetic state. I experienced a grandfather of mine who first appeared soon after his passing as still quite weak, frail, and unhealthy. As he energetically stood before me, stooped over, still in a hospital gown, and appearing quite weak, I remember saying to him, “Grandpa, you don’t have to look like that anymore. You can change that now.” Initially he looked at my confused. He didn’t understand what I meant or that he could change anything. I simply looked at him and told him he could look however he wanted now. He suddenly seemed to understand what I meant and looked down. Suddenly the gown disappeared and he was in pants and a flannel shirt as he always wore. He looked at me and grinned, his face lit up, and his eyes sparkled. He suddenly stood up to his full very tall height, he wiped his hand through his hair as he so often did when he was alive and with that touch his hair went from silver to brown. Before my eyes he transformed into a dashing young, fit, healthy man. I was crying by this point because I was happy. He looked so happy and proud.

So, from that experience, I learned that we are not trapped when we die, or stuck in any particular state. Even if we don’t have someone to let us know we can change, we eventually figure it out on our own and return to whatever state we wish.

Dear Council, I want more abundance

“Oh our goodness so many are so stuck on this topic but we understand…we understand. It is such a focus in the consciousness that everyone is worrying, thinking, plotting, scheming over it. Entire governments and countries are frantically asking the exact same questions you are asking yourselves…

We invite you to realize one thing Dear Ones… You are reading these words…but how? How are you able to read these words right now? You have a computer, you have access to the internet… How did you get these things? Did you plan and worry about this abundance? Do you worry about a glass of water you want to drink? Do you worry about your internet being there? do not think about it, you do not worry….because throughout your core of your being…you have said THIS ABUNDANCE WILL NOT BE TOUCHED! No matter what, you will have the means and the ability to go onto the internet and connect with your friends. Yes, your home may move, your desk may move…but god damn it…you are stubborn and NOTHING will take away your ability to connect with others.

So…that absolute knowingness that many things can slide but not this… Why not have that same PASSION, that same KNOWINGNESS, that same COMMITMENT for other things in your life? What are your deal breakers Dear Ones? What are your deal breakers that hell or high water you will not let go off. When a master chooses that something will be in their life…it will be there one way or another. Regardless of where they are, who they are around, and what their circumstances are. So we invite you…the things that are willy-nilly in your life…are they really important that you are letting them sit on the fence that they may come or go so easily in your life? When you are clear what is in your life no matter what…it will be. The Master speaks, the universe serves…that is how it works.

This isn’t about “abundance”, this is about the Master declaring and the universe figures it out…maybe it appear as abundance, as a gift, as a winning, or it just shows up. But when you are clear what must be in your life…it shows up. Forget thinking about how…forget thinking about abundance…that is worrying about the cart that is delivering your groceries. Forget the cart Dear Ones, just focus on the groceries and they will show up.” ~ The Council

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