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“Dear Council, I feel very drained and exhausted after being around many people. How do we block these energies from those crowds?”

“Indeed Dear One, the key is not to block energies, but for you to choose the appropriate energy for the environment.

You are walking through the crowd with your energy like a butterfly with wide wings out to the side. Now if we were to put a carnival costume on with large wings, they would end up bent really quick. This this isn’t about changing your energy or you, but perhaps going through the crowd as a lighthouse. You’d come out clear and balanced, still shining brightly. So in crowded situations, maybe not be a butterfly energy but be a lighthouse energy. Both are you. You just choose which to embody in a moment’s notice.

People get stuck in one expression. Only ever being a butterfly, lighthouse, or whatever. Like going out wearing a “nurse’s energy” but your car breaks down and you left your “mechanics energy” in the house. Focus on being you and allow yourself to adapt and embody whichever energy you need in the moment. If you only ever are one expression, you leave other tools of other expressions behind.”