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If you wish to develop and or improve your natural skills for intuition, mediumship (indirect channeling) or learn to directly channel your higher self and/or your angelic family, these sessions are for you. Privately or in groups, Tammy takes you through the theory, myths, challenges, and experiences of becoming the medium and channeler of messages from your higher self, your angels, angelic families, and loved ones who have corssed over. Tammy teaches you focusing on your own unique type, style, and method of channeling…not just teaching what works for her. She teaches from her own journey of being self taught…from meditation to awakening her intuition, to indirectly channeling messages from people who passed away, to becoming the full direct channeler of The Council.

What is unique about these sessions is that after some initial theory you channel for the majority of the course. I will coach you through accessing, maintaining, and communicating back and forth in your channeled state. We will then continually have you channel several times so that we clearly define what your unique style, technique, and method is so it is the easiest for you practice on your own and get proficient quickly. We will also cover topics such as:

  • discovering your own unique gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.),
  • how you experience your own unique intuitive and channeling state (conscious, trance, writing, speaking, music, movement),
  • whether or not to use tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, etc and the advantages and disadvantages of each,
  • discussing feeling safe, protected, and grounded while using intuition, mediumship and direct channeling, and
  • how to begin doing sessions for other people if that is your desire.

Private training is facilitated over Zoom and in-person workshops occur throughout Alberta.

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I wasn’t sure if I could learn to channel through a Skype session but living where I do my choices were limited so I decided to try it. I took the risk and It worked amazingly well. It’s clear, spirit doesn’t have limits! Thank you sooo much Tammy. I am grateful for your support and willingness to use technology otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to find my sacred spiritual circle.

~Jessie, NWT

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