With over 20+ years of providing sessions, teaching, and lecturing on spirituality and consciousness, Tammy has a wide range of tools in her tool box. Working with her means she is brings all those tools, ability, and wisdom to your session to get you to evolve and shift to the highest level you are able at that time. Some clients want to just skim the surface and others love to dive in deep…either way is perfectly fine.

  • Some clients want a reading for insight into the spiritual and energetic dynamics at play to get answers on a life situation.
  • Some are students wanting to develop their own unique spiritual gifts and intuitive style. 
  • Some want to learn how to directly communicate with lost loved ones on their own, in their own unique way.
  • Some love to work directly with The Council to understand consciousness’ view of our world and role in it.

Check In / Follow Up: 20 mins – $40.00 CDN
Mini Session: 40 mins – $60.00 CDN
Full Session: 60 mins – $100.00 CDN

Unless you are seeing Tammy at one of her Live Events, sessions can be via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, or FaceTime, and Tammy is in the Mountain Daylight Time zone. 




I must say I am struck by the depth, clarity, and impact of my session. I feel The Council gave me more resolution and closure than 6 months of therapy with my psychologist. Thank you for bringing the core issues to light so I can finally be free! Much love.

~ Diane, Ontario

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