Tammy has conducted intuitive readings for 20+ years. Here you will work with her as she goes through your situation and questions to provide guidance, input, and assign homework for resolution.  

$60.00 Cdn / 1/2 hour | $100.00 Cdn / hour  |  Zoom or Skype



Work directly with The Council during your own private channeled reading. You will talk directly with The Council and hear their expanded perception of your situation and how you are approaching/managing it. Always wanting you to be a conscious and active creator of your life, The Council will not allow you to be a victim of your circumstance, never use a session to gossip or spy on others, and to empower you to make your own decisions and choice regarding your circumstance.

$200.00 Cdn / hour  |  Zoom or Skype

I must say I am struck by the depth, clarity, and impact of my session. I feel The Council gave me more resolution and closure than 6 months of therapy with my psychologist. Thank you for bringing the core issues to light so I can finally be free! Much love.

~ Diane, Ontario

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