Transition Work

From over 10+ years of channeling the consciousness of The Council, I have a very intimate understanding of what happens before, during and after the transition process. Not only do I understand from hearing The Council advise hundreds of clients regarding the death process, I have facilitated hundreds of clients reconnect with loved ones by helping/teaching them how to shift their consciousness enough and to talk directly back and forth with loved ones who have passed. This process is more than being a medium…I am not speaking for the loved one who has crossed, I teach you how to talk with them directly and more importantly how to receive their messages and hear their words as they speak to you in their new way using the language of energy.

I work with people who have questions about the transition journey…be it for themselves or for a loved ones. Or, if there is someone who has passed, I work with people teaching them how to reconnect so that they can communicate directly once again with their loved one in a new way.

Because of the sacred and intimate honoring of this experience, and out of my personal integrity for my clients, if we realize you are unable to directly talk with your loved ones (the case if they have already reincarnated), I do not charge for the time spent and there is no expense to you.

These sessions can be facilitated in-person or over skype/zoom.

The relief and happiness knowing that all is well with my Father who has passed has taken a large stress off my chest. I cannot tell you enough in words to express my relief. I feel my dad with me in my truck, we talk all the way to work. I know it was real. My dad is having a great time. For me that has taken a great burden off my shoulders. THANK YOU!

~ Len, Alberta

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